November 19, 2017

Stephen Amell Is a Dream Come True

It goes without saying that celebrity can often get the better of a person. That fame and the recognition provided by stardom can cause people to become more than a little unhinged. Thankfully Stephen Amell doesn’t fall into this group. Catapulting to fame on the hit CW series Arrow, Amell could have easily become one of THOSE stars but by all accounts he is intensely loving of his fan base and does what he can for the folks that come to see him. I spoke to several such fans and found some common threads.

Jessica Green has met him several times on the Toronto convention circuit:

Jessica: Stephen Amell, he’s so amazing. He still comes to cons when he’s sick, always greets you with a smile, you never feel rushed and he loves getting fan art.

Moh: So you actually get to talk to him?

Jessica: You can actually talk to him and he answers short questions or thanks you for art work. He was great and friendly.

Moh: So tell me about one of those conversations.

Jessica: I asked him about his workout for the show and the stunts and he said yeah, he does a lot of them and it’s a lot of training.

Moh: You mentioned he thanks people for art work. What do you mean?

Jessica: People would draw pictures for him and give them to him. He would thank them and talk about it and puts it on Facebook.

Moh: You ever give him a little present?

Jessica: Lol no I suck at art but I watch people do it every year.

I caught up with another fan who’s managed to meet Mr. Amell. Dominik Dutrisac has been a fan since Arrow’s first episode and he recounts his first meeting with the actor.

Moh: Of the time’s you’ve met Mr. Amell, which one stood out the most?

Dominik: So this was at FanExpo about 2 years ago, the summer just before Season 3 started up. Now I had just bought the first 2 volumes of the Arrow comic to get Stephen to sign it. I go over to the handler lady who says I have 2 items so it’ll be 2 signatures at $50 apiece. I only had enough money for one. When I get to Stephen, we started talking about the show and how on Facebook he mentioned he had been wanting to direct an episode of Arrow. I told him I was looking forward to his directorial debut. I mentioned how earlier that day, I was the guy who geeked out before taking a picture with him. We laughed and he noticed I had two Arrow comics and offered to sign the second one as well. He is a stellar actor and a phenomenal human being!

A quick look at his Facebook page shows Stephen Amell is every fan’s dream come true. A man who gives back to fans all the love they shower him with. By all accounts he seems to recognize that his success is as a result of his fanbase and giving back to them further enforces that relationship. If you ever get the chance, take the moment to say hello.

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