Asking Dan Abnett to Kill You.

I met Mike several years ago. We share a hobby, Warhammer 40k. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a tabletop strategy war game like a mix of chess and Risk but you get to decide what makes up your army. What sets it apart for millions of fans is […]

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Stephen Amell Is a Dream Come True

It goes without saying that celebrity can often get the better of a person. That fame and the recognition provided by stardom can cause people to become more than a little unhinged. Thankfully Stephen Amell doesn’t fall into this group. Catapulting to fame on the hit CW series Arrow, Amell […]

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Banana’s in Time/Space

Doctor Who has held the love and admiration of Science Fiction fans for more than 50 years. Over the decades numerous actors have taken to the screen after being inspired by the show as children. The current iteration of recurring villain The Master is played by Michelle Gomez who has […]

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Growing Up Nerdy

Generally, our friends tend to be like us. We share interests of course but we also tend to have walked similar paths. When the stories of our childhoods are interchangeable we feel a stronger connection to one another. It’s a beautiful bit of meaningfulness that makes for common ground. Shared […]

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A Final Farewell To Royalty

As the sun rises over a new year, we all are taking our moments to look back at 2016 and the absolute devastation that it wrought to the legends of Hollywood and North American culture. Just about everyone mourned the death of at least one of these icons and for […]

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